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Jeans on a Rack


More Qualified Leads And Reduced Return Rates

By helping your shoppers make smarter decisions about what to buy at the point of purchase, the items that you sell, stay sold. 

Clothes Hanging on a Rack
Jeans on a Rack

Why Bodify?

With return rates surging, and Covid-19 accelerating the problem, now is the time to get ahead of this issue. 

The #1 reason shoppers return clothes purchased online is fit. We not only help shoppers find what really fits, we do it at the most impactful point in their decision making circle; making Bodify's solution incredibly effective. 

By partnering with Bodify, your organization will experence

Increased sales and decreased returns.
Reduced inventory waste.
An enhanced shopper experience.
Lifted customer loyalty.
Better long term sizing capability. 
Increased control over returns related 
Improved sustainability metrics.

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Clothes Hanging on a Rack
Image by Eduardo Pastor

How is your organization 
addressing surging 
return rates?

Bodify combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to deliver a shopping experience  that delights your customers and improves your company's profitability

Clothing returns cost retailers over $18 Billion every year.

"Fit and Size" issues are behind an estimated 70% of all clothing returns.

Bodify's innovative, patent-pending approach provides the context shoppers need to make better informed choices.

When given the best available information, shoppers  are able to buy more intentionally and the purchases they make, stay purchased.

A 25% decrease in returns saves an estimated $4.5 Billion in annual costs.

Bodify has a target minimum return reduction of 30% and pays for itself at a 6% returns reduction.

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